Download Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (2010)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (2010) - Continuation of a measured account of the fate of the Starkiller. Chronologicalplace sequels - somewhere between the third and fourth episodes sagaStar Wars. At this time we failed apprentice of Darth Vader to skedaddlefrom their teachers throughout the galaxy. And in between - look forlove on behalf of the Juneau Iklips. Why Darth Vader chasing thisrenegade Well, he still has not parted with the idea of creating theperfect warrior Sith. Thats why he wants to grab flown away from theplanet Kamino Starkiller, in order to make this vision a reality.

Boevkain TFU2 been reworked and improved with new combos, more useful and apoint of Jedi powers and possibilities of hack attack aircraft withdvuhklinkovogo lightsaber. The list of capabilities includes at leasttwo new focus - Mind Tirck, used to deceive and fog the mind ofopponents, and the Force Fury, amplifying all the attacks of Starkiller.Customization of weapons has been expanded - in the game there are moredifferent crystals, which can be inserted into lightsabers.

OnGuard Technology The Force Unleashed 2, all the same names: DigitalMolecular Matter, recreating the physical properties of each materialbeing destroyed in the game, Euphoria and Havok, the physics responsiblefor the real and believable floating in the air and falling ozem boxes.

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Download Galli Cricket (2010)

Galli Cricket - Download Galli Cricket (2010) is a community centric fun 3D PC street cricket game where the game play is challenging and varies based on the levels. Galli means Street. You need a good sense of timing to play your shots.

GC is a street style game with unorthodox shots and challenging game play that changes with every level. It evolves constantly based on gamer input. People set challenges on playing certain shots with style or chasing big scores under pressure and compare with their friends charging up a competitive community

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Download My Farm Life Dash Game

My Farm Life Download One minute, Lisa is signing a contract to be the star of a new show; the next, she's knee-deep in chores as she starts taping the first episode of My Farm Life! Plant and harvest crops, milk cows and shear sheep, and purchase equipment to produce the goods Lisa's customers want, all while smiling for the cameras. With the help of a local merchant and three super-powered assistants, Lisa should have no trouble meeting her goals. Just remember to hire a dog to chase off thieves! Can you win the Show of the Year and the Farmer of the Year awards?

Game Features:
• 100 levels
• Two game modes
• 35 achievements
• Interactive tutorial
• Lasso-the-animals mini-game

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Download Stand o Food 3 [Dash Game/Time Management]

STAND O’FOOD EXTENDS TO TINSELTOWN! - The most popular burger-serving game gets a much-awaited sequel! The classic fast-paced, simple and addictive game play mechanics of the first game are reinforced with more abilities to satisfy hungry customers. Riding the wave of success in his hometown, Ronnie the Chef extends the operations of Stand O’Food chain to Tinseltown, where he meets Nikki and Mr. Clarence, and disrupts revenge plans of evil Mr. Torg.
* 75 levels in 5 settings, 12 bonus levels
* Serve burgers, pies, and lasagnas in 25 cafes around the city
* Add French fries, ice cream, coffee, and soda!
* Master a total of 90 recipes with over 18 special sauces

Open restaurants around Tinseltown, and serve clients fast and healthy food including fresh-made burgers, pies, lasagnas, French fries, coffee, ice cream and soda. Play over 75 levels and 12 bonus levels to unlock over 33 achievements and obtain expert status. Enjoy the storyline told through beautifully-drawn comic-style pictures.

Purchase over 33 upgrades to make your customers happy and your restaurant chain prosperous. Master new game mechanics, 31 ingredients and 18 sauces to research 90 tasty recipes and feed customers in 25 cafes around the city.

The classic addictive game play of the original Stand O’Food comes with all new graphics, music, customers, products, devices and special levels for many hours of time management fun!

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
DirectX: 8.0
Hard Drive: 70 MB
Minimum screen resolution: 800x600

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